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Responsibly produced in Europe, VegeSun provides great vegan alternatives to meat. Our foods are pea and soy protein based.

Ready made gravys

VegeSun Chili con Pea and Vegan Bolognese

are brand-new, pea protein-based products. They're ready as is, so heat them up and enjoy!


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Food culture has become more diverse and consumption is changing rapidly. The most important step from an evironmental perspective is decreasing meat consumption. Correspondingly, nutrition experts recommend eating more vegetables and less meat. The rise of vegetarianism – whether part-time or full-time – expresses a new need for plant-based products rich in protein and for learning new ways to cook. Foodstuffs made from legumes are easy to use and popular in preparing food.

Responsibly cultivated VegeSun products offer the consumer a wide range of different vegetable alternatives for diet balancing and shrinking one's ecological footprint. We offer healthy pea and soy protein alternatives founded on constant progress as offset to the western diet rich in meat.